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Custom furnace designs for heat treatment of aluminium

BSN supplies complete heat treatment solutions for an extensive application range. By way of new equipment concepts BSN evolves from a manufacturer of individual furnaces to a complete heat treatment system supplier. The company thus addresses the current trend whereby furnace systems are increasingly integrated into interlinked processes. Automatic part feeding and discharge solutions, short cycle times, and the ability to heat different parts simultaneously are the characterizing features of these systems.

Another outstanding benefit is the ‘Jet Heating’ technology noted for its exceptional heat transfer performance. BSN has established Jet Heating in a broad application range.

Preheating, age hardening, annealing, homogenizing and quenching


Increasingly stringent CO2 emission thresholds remain the most powerful driver for weight reductions in automotive engineering. In addition, lighter vehicles provide enhanced riding comfort and performance. The most cost efficient solution for reducing vehicle mass currently lies in the use of aluminium alloys. Especially in automotive body, suspension and powertrain systems, which account for the dominant portion of a car's weight, aluminium can substitute many other component materials. BSN supplies furnace concepts that provide qualities and design characteristics developed specifically for the given requirements:

  • Forgings
    • Suspension parts
    • Hinges
    • Wheels

    Continuous furnaces with Jet Heating

    • Very fast heat-up times and uniform heat treatment
    • Including quench system
    • Including final cool-down to handling temperature
    • Integrated into interlinked production lines

  • Castings
    • Suspension parts
    • Power train (engines, cylinder heads)
    • Automotive body parts (structural components)

    a) Continuous furnaces

    • Convective heating
    • Jet Heating
    • Water and air quenching
    • Destacker integrated into the furnace chamber to support individualized quenching

    b) Multi-deck rotary hearth furnaces for

    • Convective heating
    • Modular and space-saving design
    • Materials flow without product carriers or pallets
    • Individual treatment in furnaces and quench systems (water & air)
  • Sheet Metal
    • Auto body parts (doors, hoods, hatches)

    Continuous furnaces with Jet Heating

    • Exceptionally efficient for fast and uniform heating of aluminium plates

    With Jet Cooling

    • Extremely fast quenching rates after solution annealing
    • Gas-fired or electrical
    • Roller or belt-type conveyor
    • One or two-sided application of Jet Heating / Jet Cooling to the load

Furnace types

Our range comprises diverse furnace designs tailored to your needs:

  • Continuous furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces
  • Drop-bottom furnaces
  • Overhead conveyor furnaces
  • Rotary hearth furnace
  • Custom solutions


  • Jet-Heating
    Innovative, cost-saving design for heating and heat treatment at temperatures up to 750 °C.
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  • Water and air quenching
    for forgings, castings and rolled products
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